Dr BENADIBA, pioneer of intimate surgery, was the co-founder of this innovative Diploma on medicine and intimate surgery for men and women.

This diploma takes place at the Faculty of Medicine of Créteil (UPEC).


Goal :

Discover & perfect genital restoration methods thanks to new techniques in intimate and gynecological aesthetic surgery.


About :

  • Intimate surgery and cosmetic gynecology are booming. In today’s world, women have changed their representations of intimacy. Demand has existed for a long time, but just few practitioners respond to it through ignorance of the issues, indications, techniques, limits and possible complications. Far from being a fashion phenomenon, many women want to benefit from these new methods of genital rejuvenation.
  • These techniques of course affect young women in a desire to improve their sexuality and genital aesthetic embellishment, but also all women suffering post-partum, during a disabling menopause or even after the cancer or gynecological surgery.
  • Today, thanks to new therapeutic weapons such as Hyaluronic Acid, certain lasers, LEDs, simple surgical procedures, many effective solutions can be proposed.


How the course look like  :

  • Diploma over 6 days
  • Exam
  • Presentation and defense of the dissertation
  • Registration: Only by email or via the DUTIC website



Program of DUMEG :

  • The anatomical and physiological bases of the vulvovaginal and penile systems.
  • The specifics of aesthetic medicine applied to restoration and vulvovaginal rejuvenation.
  • Dryness and loss of vulvovaginal trophicity.
  • Associated urinary disorders
  • Sexual disorders: dyspareunia, vaginal hypotonia, vaginismus
  • Menopause and sexuality.
  • Methods of genital restoration and rejuvenation
  • Perineal rehabilitation
  • Genital and intimacy surgery
  • Reduction nymphoplasty, Mount Venus surgery, Clitoral hood
  • Minimally invasive methods:
  • Lip contouring (Lipofilling and Hyaluronic Acid)
  • Correction of vulvovaginal trophicityL’amplification du Point G
  • Rejuvenation lasers
  • Sexuality of men and women
  • Penis enlargement
  • Transsexualism


The number of places is limited, pre-registrations are open now with Dr Laurent Benadiba and only by email
(please, attach CV and a cover letter).


Course, learning :

  • Theoretical and practical with videos of Live-Surgery
  • Team of French multidisciplinary training physicians: gynecologists, plastic surgeons, sexologists, dermatologists, urologists, Physiotherapist
  • Pr Paniel, Pr Teboul, Pr Meningaud, Dr Benadiba, Dr Touré, Dr Hersant



COURS DU DUMEG: Vous pouvez télécharger sur cette page uniquement mes cours du DUTIC 2020 , les autres sont sur le site de UPEC .